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UBER: Riding Like A Boss On A Budget!


Fall always signals to me that a new year is right around the corner. The leaves falling, cooler temperatures, and lots of popular music festivals to experience yet again! There is the CMJ conference in New York, ACL festival in Austin, TX, and A3C Atlanta’s annual 3-day hip-hop festival. It never fails every year I attend these events I experience something new, or shall I say, “witness something innovative.” Last year at CMJ I witnessed the rise of Instagram, and how much of a role it now plays in most peoples lives. This year Uber at Atlanta’s A3C was all the rage, and is poised to be a staple when it comes to transportation concierge.

Private Driver

What is an Uber ride? To sum it up in one statement “your personal driver.” What is always your main concern when attending a conference, festival, or show in a major metropolitan city… Parking! Most big cities offer limited parking opportunities, this is the norm people let’s just accept it for what it is. The main concern for out of state attendees is how we going to get around? I know cabs are the common choice, maybe your hotel shuttle, or even public transportation can all get the job done. These options are more or less the cheapest methods of getting around, but always offer major inconveniences to your schedule. Let’s be real most 9 to 5er’s can’t afford to have a driver on retainer for the weekend. The thought of scheduling a driver outside of calling a cab doesn’t even cross your mind in most cases. It’s commonplace to believe that you can’t afford one. I understand this way of life all to well, and have accepted the status quo as the only option.  

What if you could to have a so-called driver on retainer? Uber gives you that feel; I promise you it’s the greatest transportation business I have ever experienced. My goodness I can’t even some up in words how much of a Godsend this service to me during A3C. Word of mouth is still the most effective marketing tool in my opinion. I received emails regarding the 4 free rides Uber was offering to A3C attendees in which I ignored. Just treated it as spam, and lead it to my Google mail trash bin. The name resurfaced when I wanted to go to another venue without moving my car. Losing my prime parking spot was not an option at all, so it was looking like a cab was in my near future. They had shuttles running, but they proved unreliable last year so I surpassed on that option. So in the mist of calling a cab I assume the divine spirits of the universe heard my cries and intervened.

Crazy Taxi

This women standing next to me asked for the time, and after I responded she asked “are you waiting on your Uber?” With a puzzled looked on my face I answered “my what now?” This is when she began to explain what Uber was, and prompted me to go about scheduling my Uber immediately. I simply downloaded the app, signed-up, setup the ride, and 3 minutes later I was on my way to another venue at A3C. Keep in mind I called the cab 10 minutes prior, and Uber still got there before the cab. You might think so what, and that sounds like a cab service too but… Ummmm, no I was picked up in a Black Nissan Armada that was so clean inside it would make the most OCD crazed person envious. The driver went above and beyond to make the ride as comfortable as possible. Opening my door, providing good conversation on the way to the venue, and driving like he enjoys living. When is the last time your cab driver opened the door for you? Go ahead think about it, I will wait… 

James Rouse

My hometown Columbia, Maryland always hosts a slew of annual spring/summer events at Merriweather Post Pavilion. This year we had the honor of hosting an event called the “SWEETLIFE Food & Music Festival.” Most of the folks whom reside in Columbia live in close proximity to Merriweather Post Pavilion. I live about 8 minutes away from the venue, and the majority of my friends live within 10 to 15 minutes of the venue. Using public transportation in Columbia is like swimming in the Gulf of Mexico during a hurricane, you’re destined for failure. If you call a cab expect to be waiting 30 minutes to an hour.


I’m said all of that hinting to the fact that Uber could be a huge convenient option during these events. Truth is driving sucks when there is mass confusion, and disorderly parking arrangements. These are things that plaque my city, and make it quite the pain to navigate. Uber service would be a valuable resource for individuals like myself whom would love to avoid the chaos. If you have ever experienced Broken Land Parkway during this time you would understand my adamant cries for Uber to show Columbia, MD some much needed love!

This is my hand being extended out in hopes that someone at the Uber office will hear me. You have an amazing service, and bringing Uber to Maryland could only help expand upon the companies destined greatness. I have no doubt that we would embrace this service with open arms. Who doesn’t want to feel like they have their own driver? Uber is one of the greatest innovative concepts I have experienced, and I look for to seeing your continued success. Don’t forget about us little people on the way up!



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